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You may get a printable copy of the Use and Care guide by clicking on the following link: UseGuide

1 . The Blue Sky Sun Visor may be moved to any position in the front or side to reduce the amount of sun reaching occupants or the instrument panel.

2. While the tint of the visors provide significant screening they also reduce visibility to some extent. Consequently, additional care in scanning for other aircraft is important.

3. The amount of light blockage can be adjusted slightly by changing the angle of the visor to the sun's rays. When the visor surface is perpendicular to the light source it has the least sun blocking effect. Adjusting the angle of the visor will also change the visibility of objects outside the aircraft.

4. In addition to the movement on the support rod, the visors are also adjustable in a vertical plane within the clamp assembly so that the rounded top of the visor can more closely follow the contour of the windshield bow. Once the visor is in the correct position on the support rod, simply turn the clamp knob enough to keep the visor from moving. Over-tightening the Clamp knob could, over time, deform the clamp assembly.

5. Loosen the clamp knob to slide the visor in an out on the support rod and tighten when in the desired location. When the aircraft is not in use, we recommend loosening the clamp knob so that the visor can hang loosely on the support rod.

6. In some cases the clamp knob may be inconvenient to adjust in the configuration as shipped. You may move the clamp knob from the front to the back of the visor by sliding the pilot visors off the support rod and switching it with the co-pilot visor.

7. When the aircraft cockpit is exposed to full sun during warm periods and the canopy is closed temperatures may reach 150 degrees after prolonged exposure. Under those conditions it is best to swivel the visors so they are not exposed to direct sunlight for long periods to prevent warping the tinted visor material.

8. Because of temperature variation between seasons, it may be necessary to adjust the swivel cylinder and support rod base tension screws periodically to apply sufficient tension to keep the visors from moving while flying. Without the visor screen on the support rod, it should take 5 to 7 oz. (140 to 200 grams) of pressure or tension applied at the end of the support rod to move the visor in a horizontal or vertical direction.

9. The visor is made of acrylic plastic and can be cleaned by any products compatible with the aircraft windshield. All other visor parts are compatible with these cleaning materials. To maintain maximum visibility, keep the visor screen clean. Care should be used to avoid scratching the visor screen material.

If used as outlined above, the Blue Sky Visor will provide years of dependable service. However, if a part is damaged and replacement parts are needed, refer to the
Replacement Parts page and contact us at Blue Sky Sun Visors, c/o Vern Schulze, 3139 Creekwood Dr., Reno, NV 89502, by phone at (775) 857-3139, or by e-mail at Grummster@BlueSkySunVisors.com

Use and Care Guide
Blue Sky Sun Visors
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