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Blue Sky Sun Visors
"Beat the Heat, Haze, Glare and Fatigue"
Our Blue Sky Sun Visors for the RV-10 were designed in 2007 specifically to fit the wider cockpit of Van's RV-10. The RV-10 incorporates a somewhat larger visor screen to provide sun screening from both front and the sides. The RV-10 sun visors share most of the components and possess all of the functionality, durability, and strength of the Grumman sun visors we have sold for over 10 years.
The slide show below outlines the many features of the Blue Sky Sun Visor for the RV-10 Aircraft.  You can view a full sized version of each of the 6 photos below by putting your cursor on the photo and double clicking the left mouse button.   You can then scroll through the entire set of photos by entering an "n" (next) or "p" (previous).  When finished, just enter a "c" (close) to return to the current page.  You can also view the next or previous photo by putting you cursor on either right or left side of the photo and selecting either "Previous" or "Next".  The display of the photos can be ended by putting the cursor on the lower edge of the photo and selecting "Close".
RV-10 Sun Visors

Design, Functionality, and Durability