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Blue Sky Sun Visors
"Beat the Heat, Haze, Glare and Fatigue"
RV-10 Sun Visor Parts
While our Blue Sky RV-10 Sun Visors are extremely durable, if replacement parts are needed or you have service questions, please refer to the parts display photo below.   A printable Parts Order Form can be obtained by clicking this link: RVParts Order

As you will notice we have taken a different approach for setting the cost for parts.  If you add up the cost of each of the parts for a complete sun visor, it will be very near our normal sun visor sales price.  We reject the idea that individual parts should cost many times more than what they cost as a component of the finished product. The table below shows the cost of individual parts or an assembly needed for a single sun visor.   Parts may be ordered as single items or assemblies at the prices shown below.

Visor Screen Assembly $55.00
Clamp Knob $4.00
Clamp Knob washer $.50
Clamp Pate Screw $.50
Front Clamp Plate $7.00
Rear Clamp Plate $18.00
Visor Screen $25.00
Swivel Mount Assembly $35.00
Mount Block $15.00
Mount Block Screw $1.50
Mount Block Washer $.50
Swivel Cylinder $15.00
Swivel Tension Washer $1.50
Teflon Washer $.50
Swivel Tension Screw $1.00
Support Rod Assembly $30.00
Support Rod & Rod Base $27.50
Rod Base Tension Screw $1.50
Rod End Cap $.50
Support Rod Spacer $1.00
          Part Name                     Cost (US $'s)
If you wish to order parts, please provide us with a phone number or an e-mail address so that we can get your billing information and give you the Total Order cost with shipping charges prior to sending your order.