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Our Blue Sky Sun Visors are unique because virtually anyone can install and maintain our sun visors with a Phillips screwdriver and a small adjustable wrench. There is no need to hire a mechanic to instally our visors if you know which way to turn a screwdriver. Rather than a "one size fits all" design used by other companies, our Sun Visors were designed specifically for Grumman single engine aircraft. We consider our sun visors to be a portable device much like a yoke mounted GPS mount. A printable version of the installation instruction below can be obtained by clicking on the following link: InstallGuide
Simple Installation
1. Slide the canopy open to allow access to the screws that hold the canopy seal and retainer strip to the windshield bow.

2. Not counting the canopy latch screw at the top center of the windshield bow, remove the 3rd screw, washer, and lock nut on the pilot side from the windshield bow. Retain these parts for use if the aircraft will be used without the visors installed.

3. Select the visor with the clamp knob on the left side of the visor when the clamp knob is facing up. Remove the vinyl end cap from the visor support rod, loosen the clamp knob, and slide the visor off the end of the support rod.
4. While sitting in the pilot's seat, place the Blue Sky Sun Visor swivel assembly and support rod so that it is in front of the windshield bow with the mount block centered directly over the hole where the screw was removed (refer to Illustration and Photos). An awl, ball point pen, or small nail is helpful in aligning the mount block and windshield bow screw holes. To avoid pinching any wires, be sure that they are correctly positioned in the mount block cutout. Push the swivel assembly and support rod upward so that the mount block is snug against the underside of the windshield bow.

5. Insert the #6 stainless steel screw through the aluminum canopy seal retainer, rubber seal, and windshield bow and into the mount block screw hole and tighten until no movement is felt between the mount block and the windshield bow when moving the support rod. Do not cross thread the mount screw in the brass screw anchor. To avoid breaking the visor screen when the canopy is closed, be sure the 5/8" support rod base is pointed toward the pilot as shown in the photo. Refer to the photos on the Installation Photos page. In this position, closing the canopy on the visor screen will cause no damage.

6. The visor screen is shipped with a protective paper coating that must be removed. To remove the protective paper coat from the acrylic visor, unscrew the plastic clamp knob and remove the small black washer. Then remove the small phillips head screw. From one corner, carefully peel the protective paper from both sides of the acrylic visor screen. Re-install the small phillips head screw tightening it so that the plate can swivel on the screw. Then replace the small black washer and reinstall the clamp knob. While the clamp knob is still loose, slide the visor/clamp assembly onto the support rod and re-install the vinyl end cap on the end of the support rod.

7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for installing the Blue Sky Visor on the co-pilot side.

Installation Instructions
Blue Sky Sun Visors
"Beat the Heat, Haze, Glare and Fatigue"