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Our Company

Since our first sales in 2000 we have sold hundreds of Blue Sky Sun Visors to owners/pilots of the American Aviation, Grumman, Gulfstream, American General, and Tiger aircraft. Following introduction of our original design, we have developed a number of modifications which improve the functionality, durability, and weight of the Blue Sky Sun Visors while maintaining our goal of a cost effective product that can easily be installed by the aircraft owner or pilot. 

In 2007 we designed and started sales of Blue Sky Sun Visors for Van's Aircraft RV-10.  Additional information about the design, sales, service, installation, usage, and care of this product can be found at:
Company Owner Vern Schulze and his 1977 Cheetah
I have owned and flown a Grumman Cheetah since 1979.  Since my first flight I have recognized that the exceptional visibility from the cockpit had a downside.  Often when flying in hot, hazy, or sunny conditions, the heat and sun created an uncomfortable flying situation.  For a number of years I tried a variety of screening devices with little satisfaction.  In 1991 I developed a workable sun visor which I used for almost 8 years.  In 1999 I decided to see if I could develop a better design which would both reduce the heat and increase the visibility under the hot and hazy conditions we often encounter while flying.

I started Blue Sky Sun Visors in 2000 to provide a reasonably priced solution to other owners of the single engine versions of the AA1x, AA5x, and AG5B line of aircraft. 

Blue Sky Sun Visors were designed with many of the same criteria used in development of our line of aircraft, i.e. a maximum of functionality, durability, simplicity, and strength with a minimum of weight.  Those criteria resulted in a product which can be installed in a matter of minutes with no modifications to the airframe, a product which reduces the fatigue of eye strain due to bright sky conditions, improved visibility of outside objects under hazy conditions, and heat caused by sun striking front seat occupants whether coming from the front or side.  Because of the simplicity of installation and removal, we consider our visors to be a portable unit.

Our Customers Say:

"I love the product, smile every time I climb into the aircraft, and couldn't be happier with the workmanship"  Greg F.

"That purchase guaranteed that all my flights for the next year would not be into the sun!"  Larry T.

"just wanted to say how impressed I was at the quck delivery, quality and intuitiveness of the design, ease of installation, and improvement made to my cockpit"  Don M.

"they are very well made, and easy to install, So far they have been easy to set in place (in or out of view) and they stay where they belong even during bumpy air."  Brian H.

"I have installed your sun visors and they are great!!!  I don't know why I waited so long to get them.  The quality control is fantastic."  Cliff W.

RV-10 Visors
"Beat the Heat, Haze, Glare and Fatigue"
Blue Sky Sun Visors